Conduct saves time through group organization

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Conduct’s Core Features

See your friends' availabilities

Compare your calendar with your friends' in one simple interface

Schedule events when all participants are available

See all your upcoming events in one tab

Notify invitees of additional notes with push notifications

Easily invite and add all your contacts that are already signed up with Conduct

What is Conduct

Conduct is an intelligent scheduling app for professional musicians to organize their events. Sign up, import your contacts, organize your events, and see each other's schedule so you know when your colleagues are available for a gig or rehearsal. Some of the Current features include:

  • Invite your friends to join Conduct. Once your friend approves you, you can then see their availability in an instant. So you don't have to make unnecessary calls or sending emails and waiting around for a reply.
  • Add important notes to an event, which every invitee gets a notification. So, say you're at a gig and the band took a break, just send a note to alert everyone to get back to stage.
  • Great UI Layout. We have put in lots of effort with our development team to create a flawless experience, one that works just like you expect it to work.
  • This is only a few of the many features still coming! Our team is working hard to get many more features to you guys. Let us know what you think!

Mentioned on the William Beran Show podcast

What is the biggest hurdle in a band? The hardest thing is getting together with the band. To get everyone together in the same room. The app is called Conduct. Its in the iOS store and its pretty slick. It integrates your contacts with your calendar and you can send invites to your contacts. Basically to get all your band members in sync together. It could be as simple as sending a message to the band to get back on stage after a show. It takes complicated life with creative people, who need organization, and it gets everybody on the same page.




Will Conduct stay free? All those apps out there are free in beginning and then they charge money. I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it and/or willing to pay. Why should I start using this platform?

While we have plans for a premium version in the future, the features you currently enjoy will always stay free!

I have used some apps in the past that eventually went out of business or was never updated. What’s the plan for Conduct?

As musicians and tech users, we are familiar with these pains. Our goal and promise is providing you with timely updates that will better help the needs of the musician community!

Only for iPhone?

We are working to bring Conduct to other popular platforms and devices, including the iPad, Android, Windows and a desktop version. Stay tuned!

I don’t see what Conduct is doing more than what I already have available on my default Google/iCal Calendar.

At first look you may be right, but ask yourself: Did you really use the default calendar program to schedule your gigs between your team and other musicians? The answer we get from most musicians is they don’t use their default calendar for booking gigs. What differentiates Conduct from Google or iCal is it's specific design just for musicians and their needs!
With Conduct, you can quickly view your friend's calendar to see when you both are available! This feature will soon be available for groups too, so you can see when your whole team is available for rehearsals.

Using Conduct

How do I create an event?

Simply hit the “+” sign at the top of the calendar view screen, fill out all the details and invite users!

How do I see my friend’s availability?

Simply go to your friend’s profile in “Contacts” Screen, There you’ll see an option to “view calendar”.

How do I delete my account?

Simply contact us at

Security & Privacy

Is Conduct Secure?

We have implemented all current security API’s, as well as compiling all the requirements from Apple and Google to assure you a safe and secure experience. Rest assured we are always updating our servers and doing our very best to keep your information private!

What can my friends see from my calendar? Can they see what I’m doing outside of Conduct events?

No. The only thing they can see on your calendar is whether you are busy or available. Your calendar details remain confidential!

What if I don’t want my friends to see my calendar?

We are currently developing a feature that will allow you to block a specific contact, or all contacts, from seeing your calendar.

Does my iPhone support Conduct?

Currently, iPhone 5, 5S, 6, and 6+ with iOS 7 and up are supported.

Why is this calendar design Vertical?

While designing this app we went back and forth to make it great for collaboration. This design helps viewing multiple calendars at once much easier than the horizontal view.

Why does Conduct want to send me notifications?

We promise not to bug you with any unimportant details; however, there are some notifications we must send. Those notifications ensure you don’t miss invites to an event or other important notes about your events!

What if I have suggestions for features?

Great! We would love to hear from you! Any feature you feel would enhance your workflow, just drop us an email at

There are more amazing features coming to you in the next versions. We will constantly update and add new features that will amaze you and help you schedule your day at ease.

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